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Take Action to Help Solve a Social or Environmental problem!

If you would like to help get the word out about a community “Call to Action” that you would like to let the community know about, you may post a free Classified Ad on this website. When you get to the webpage, scroll down until you get to the relevant category Take action to help! What you can do to make a difference! section of our classified section. If you would like to participate in assisting with a community “Call to Action”, you may view the listings at the above link to see what you can do to make a positive difference in the world. Thanks for caring about your community and doing what you can to solve social and environmental problems.

Disclaimer: CommunityCause.org and its affiliates do not necessarily support the classified ads listed in the “Take Action to Help! What you can do to Make a Difference!”. A classified ad appearing on this website should not be considered as support for the action indicated and a lack of a classified ad for an action should not be considered a disagreement with an action. Please use your own conscience and judgement when deciding what actions to support.


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