Application Form for City, County, State & Specific Cause Goals


State and County Goals–Instructions

These are the Goals that are currently being worked on in each state and county. Do you have a State or County Goal that you would like to propose? To add a goal simply fill out the form below (Coming Soon!). The website page for each specific State & County is meant to show all of the goals going on statewide and county wide, along with the projects that people are engaging in Cooperative Collaboration in order to support that goal.

Goals should include this information format:

To post a goal, please make sure it is a S.M.A.R.T. goal. S–very Specific, Sensory based what will you see, hear, experience when you know that the goal has been achieved? M–Measurable, put numbers that can be tracked and used for evaluation of progress on the goal. A–Achievable, you want to set the Goal high enough so that it is a stretch but not so high that the goal becomes demotivating because it is unattainable. R–Realistic, Reasonable, Really Exciting, and the goal Resonates with people. T–Time Limit, set the target date by which you would like to accomplish the goal. Your goal should articulate your desired final destination once the goal is achieved. What is the “deliverable” that you would like to produce? Both Goals and Community Projects should note whether it is a statewide effort or just pertinent to specific counties.

Coming Soon! There will be a form to fill out to propose a goal. Thank you for your patience!