Finished Product:

The Finished Product from this project will be the Helpful Tips, Resources & Advice gathered during this project that will be added to the database and relevant pages of this website.There will be checklists of tips and advice that others have found to be helpful when dealing with these issues. With some crowdsourcing projects there will be an actual project that is completed that will be helpful to our community.

Recommended organizations will be added to the Directory of Organizations on this website along with the services they provide. This will make it easier for people to find the exact organization that offers the specific services that are needed.

We are striving to make CommunityCause.org an easily Searchable Website so that all individuals and organizations may derive benefit from this useful information source just by typing a few keywords into the “Search this Website” option.

We want to help People to Connect with the Resources & Organizations that can assist them in becoming more knowledgeable about this issue and any other issue.

By contributing your time, talent and information to this project, you will be making it easier for others to find and make use of the information about this issue in the future. Why make stressed out people search for resources when we can make well vetted information readily accessible to them?

Our goal is to help people to find Helpful Information, Tip Sheets, Resources and Organizations more quickly and more easily. We are helping to Connect People with the Resources & Organizations that can help them with this and related issues.

Thank you for sharing your experience, expertise, information, advice and ideas on this project!


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