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Are you an individual, group, or team that knows about an individual, a family, or a group of people or animals that need assistance in getting their Basic Needs met? Is there something that the community could do that would make a difference in their life?

Are there specific resources, services or materials that would be especially helpful but are currently out of reach? Do you have a Helping Hand project that you would like to request the community’s help in assisting?

If the answer is “Yes”, than you are in the right place! Your philanthropic organization may Create a “Helping Hand” Community Project.

For more information on who can submit a Helping Hand project and how to fill out the form, please View Tips for Creating a Project–Click Here!

If your Helping Hand project is complicated and you are requesting a lot of different types of help from the community, you will want to fill out the long form to Create a Project Application Form–Click Here! Thanks and Good Luck!

If your Helping Hand project is not complicated at all, you may use the short form below. Simply copy and paste the answers to the questions in the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below and let the community help!

Project Status: (Open, Pending, On Hold, Closed), Project Due Date, Contact Information, Details about the Project, Specific Goals for the “Deliverable” or Finished Product to be Accomplished, Where to Get More Details, Directions on How to Get Started & the Name of the Individual or Organization that is Requesting the Project.

More information Coming Soon! Under construction. Thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions, please View Tips for Creating a Project–Click Here! You may also want to first check the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)–Click Here!

If you still have questions, please send them in via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below!

Thank you for Helping Your Community! You are Making a Positive Difference in the World!