Find your Passion & your Purpose


To be a successful person in anything in life it helps if you have Passion, Purpose & Perseverance. Perseverance is defined as continued effort and steady persistence in a course of action, especially in spite of obstacles, or discouragement. It is a steadfastness in doing something despite opposition, difficulty or delay in achieving success.

It is easy to persevere when you know your Purpose and have a Passion about it. Passion is the gasoline in the vehicle and the Purpose is the steering wheel that sets the course for the destination. Join with others to learn what your Passion & Purpose is. Please send us your own thought provoking questions that have helped you to gain knowledge on this topic. Once you find your Passion & Purpose, please browse through this website to find the organizations whose mission you support and/or volunteer positions that help you to make a difference in the world!

Would you like to throw a “Find Your Passion & Find Your Purpose” Party? A set PDF of questions you can ask is coming soon. For now you may select from any of the questions below. Have fun! Then, Create a Project or Select a Volunteer Project to Help! 🙂

***If you were given a magic wand and could only fix or solve 3 world problems, which ones would be top on your list?

***If you were given $100,000 and were told that you had to donate it to some cause or nonprofit organization, what would you do with the money? Who would you give it to? Would you split it between a couple of groups or causes? What reason would you give for your choice?

***If you were asked to spend a summer to help a cause or solve a problem and all your expenses would be paid for, what would you spend your summer on?

***What types of repetitive play themes did you engage in as a child? Are there patterns to the type of play?

***Name 3 peak experiences that are highpoints in your life? Explore the essential elements. Exercise

***What would you do if you know that you could not fail? What would you attempt if resources were not an issue?

***Who and what do you love? Who and what brings you the most joy? What kind of people “recharge your batteries” when you spend time with them? What type of activities “refill your tank” when you engage in them? As you go about your day what people and activities give you energy? Which people and acitivites suck the life energy out of you and are like “energy vampires?

***What type of activities or people cause you to “wilt” and what type of activities or people cause you to feel revived…like water has fallen on a desert flower?

***If you were asked to spend several hours in a bookstore or library, what section would you spend most of your time in? What types of books or magazines would you gravitate towards? What does that say about what you are interested in and/or what is important to you?

***What do you daydream about creating or achieving? Usually people have a favorite, repetitive dream about something they would like to achieve or create. What is yours?

***What are your natural talents or gifts? What are the things that you can do that are easy for you but may be difficult for other people? Often your natural talent or gifts are things that others have commented on ever since you were very young. What do people think that you are naturally good at? Ask them. You may be surprised. Often, your natural talents or gifts are those skills or abilities that, when you use them, give you inordinate joy. What is easy for you to do? Which of your skills, abilities or character traits bring you most joy when you are able to use them?

***What are your strengths? What areas of managing life are you the strongest in handling well? What do you do especially well? If you are not sure…ask people who know you well. They know!

***What activities or interests, when you engage in them cause you to lose all sense of time? What can you get lost in doing or reading about and be totally engrossed? What makes you feel like you are in the “flow”?

***Imaging that you are at a party and there are 4 distinct groups of people. One group is talking about Relationships and People. One group is talking about Ideas and Goals. One group is Making things and Doing things with their hands. One group is talking about Organization, Structure, Rules & Guidelines. Which group would you gravitate towards and why? If that group left the party, which group would be your next choice? Which group would be your last choice?

***What is your “Brand”? What are three words that you would love to have people describe you as when you are not in the room? For instance, “Elizabeth is very Competent, Resourceful, and has lot of Integrity.” When people think of you what are the “Brand Characteristics” (3 words) that you would like to have them use?

***How do you want people to feel after they have spent time with you? What do you want people to think after they have had an encounter with you? How do you want to leave people feeling after they have interacted with you? What is the impression that you want to leave on people?

***Imagine that it is years from now…towards the end of your life. You have just received a letter from the city in which you grew up! They are building a commemorative monument in your honor to thank you for your service to the community and to the world. They would like to know which life achievements you would like to have noted on the brass plaque. What would you like to be remembered most for achieving?

***If a detective were to come to your home or an F.B.I. profiler, what would they discover about you? What conclusions might they come to about what kind of a person you are and what is important to you? In your mind’s eye, imagine you are entering your own home. What do you see? What types of books and items does this person have? How do they use the space? What is there or not there? Which room does this person spend most of their time in and what activities do they do there? What does that say about who or what is important to them?

***What, do you believe, is the meaning of life? Why are we all here? What are we meant to accomplish?

***If you had three hours to waste because you were waiting for someone in a bookstore or in a library, in which book or magazine sections would you spend the most time browsing or reading?

***What do you care about? Why?
***Who do you care about? Why?

***What do you complain about most? Please finish these sentence stems:

    • “I do not like it if/when…”
    • “I can’t stand it if/when…”
    • “It upsets me if/when…”
  • ***What could you spend hours talking about or doing and the time would fly?

    ***When do you most feel like you are in the “flow”? What, when you do it, causes you to either lose track of time or feel like no time has passed at all?

    ***What topics or issues could you spend hours talking about with friends and come away from the conversation totally energized?

    ***What do you live for?

    ***What would you fight for or fight to protect? What upsets you most when you see that it is threatened or in danger?

    ***What are you most passionate about?

    ***When “cause commercials”, public service announcements or computer links appear, to which ones are you riveted? To which ones do you pay attention? Which one cause you to click on the link?

    ***Are there certain topics of documentary films or commercials that are very difficult for you to watch? Which are the ones that quickly cause you to change the channel? Are there documentary films or commercials that you drop everything to watch? Which ones capture your full attention?

    ***Sometimes our passion stems from difficulties we have faced and overcome in our own lives. Sometimes our purpose in life comes from supporting others who are going through similar difficulties. Through volunteering or working with others who are suffering from a similar experience, we can make use of the knowledge we gained about how to navigate those difficult waters. We can act as this individual’s “Lighthouse”. We can be truly “with them” in the storm. We can empathize with them in a way that others cannot. But, like a Lighthouse, we can shine a light of Hope that they too will make it through this difficulty. Acting as a Lighthouse, we can offer them a possible way through the turmoil. By using what we have learned, we can help to make their journey through this life experience a little less painful and a little bit shorter.

    ***To whom are you most grateful? Who was your role model? Specifically, what did they do for you? In what ways did they support you that were most helpful to you? Often we have a desire to help others in the way that we were helped?

    ***To what are you most grateful? Was there an interest (chess, steam engines, jazz music, etc.) that kept you motivated and engaged as a young person? Was there something that supported you or kept your interest (Nature, your faith, a beloved furr-family member dog, cat, etc.)? Could that be something that you are passionate about sharing with the world? Specifically, what did the special animal or interest do for you? In what ways did they support you that were most helpful to you? Often we have a desire to share with others what has been helpful to us. We may also want to “give back” to that animal or interest in thanks for all that they added to our lives.

    ***What causes, topics or issues are you most passionate about?

    ***What, in the world, do you care about most?

    ***What are my natural gifts? What are my strenghs