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Teen Action Groups (T.A.G.) Team Project

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Are you the parent, teacher, coach, or club leader of a teen or or a group of teens 13 years of age or older? Do you, your teen, your philanthropic club, your school, or a local nonprofit, government agency, or faith community that you are working with have an idea for a Teen Action Groups (T.A.G.) Team Project that would solve a Social or Environmental problem? Is there something that your 13 and older teens would like to create for their community that would also be a beneficial experience for the teens? Are there specific resources, services or materials that would be especially needed in order to create this Teen Action Groups (T.A.G.) Team Project? Do you have a Teen Action Groups (T.A.G.) Team Project that helps to solve a Social or Environmental problem that you would like to request the community’s help in creating?

If so, please out the Teen Action Groups (T.A.G.) Team Project Application Form below. Coming soon!


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