American Dream Application


To view all currently running American Dream Projects–Click Here! American Dream Projects need your help with materials, expertise, time, skills, money or other donations in order to become a reality.

Do you have an American Dream project that you would like to request the community’s help in Supporting? Would you like to have the help of others in Supporting an Individual, Family or Group in your Community who has an Opportunity to Thrive? Will you help someone in your Community to Achieve their American Dream? Will you be the One who Assists this Person in reaching a New Level of Achievement?

Join in the excitement of participating in the accomplishment of someone else’s life dream by aiding this individual, family or group to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. These individuals Need Your Support so they can Benefit from this Opportunity. Opportunity is Knocking…will you Help this Person to Answer? Just think how great it will feel to say to yourself, “I helped to create this Success!”

Do you have a dream? What American Dream project will you propose?

Questions to Ask yourself before deciding if an American Dream project is right for you and/or your group:

Does the American Dream project I am proposing help to solve a Social or Environmental problem?

Is this an opportunity for this that would make a big difference or have a very positive impact on a specific individual, family or group/

Does a specific individual, family or group benefit from the American Dream project? Does it improve their quality of life and/or their prospects for the future?

If the answer is “Yes”, than you are in the right place! To Propose an American Dream Project, Click Here to fill out the Propose a Project Application Form. Thanks and Good Luck!

Examples of American Dream Projects: Coming Soon!