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Here you will find descriptions of all of the Classified Want Ad Categories and what type of information you will find under each category. Simply click on the purple link of the Category Heading that you are interested in to post your ad or to search the ads under that specific category heading. To get a general idea of what categories are available, click here to View All Ad Categories

Volunteer Requested—In this category you will find/post general volunteer needs as well as ads for Volunteers to specifically Help Animals, Veterans, Children & Teens, etc. You will also see specific types of Volunteers needed, for example: Techies, Artists or Lawyers for a Cause. These sub-categories are for people who want to use their specific talent to support a cause that they are passionate about. “Social Media Lovers for a Cause” volunteer to push events, community projects, links, nonprofit needs, etc. out through their Social Media Channels and/or post them on their Facebook page. Social Media Lovers simply find a cause or a nonprofit that they want to support and help create a “buzz” by helping the nonprofit to get the word out about their efforts.

Volunteer Available—In this category you will find ads for Volunteers who are willing and available to specifically Help Animals, Veterans, Children & Teens, etc. If you are unsure of what type of volunteer work you would like to do, please post your ad under “Volunteer Available–General Availability”. We will help you to find a match if you tell us details about the skills, hours, types of groups you may want to help. Under this heading you will also see specific types of Volunteers that are available who want to use their specific talent to support a cause that they are passionate about. For example: Techies, Artists or Lawyers for a Cause. Please click on the purple Volunteer Available link and scroll down to see all of the options available. You may place an ad or click on a specific sub-category or peruse the volunteers available. Nonprofits need your talents & skills. Please Make a Difference in your community by Volunteering!

More information and descriptions coming soon. We are volunteers working on building out this website as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

An Animal Needs Help

Citizen Science

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Donate or Share Items

Donated Items Needed

Find Business Help & Resources to Share

Find Faith Community Help & Resources to Share

Find Government Agency Help & Resources to Share

Find Indian Tribe Help & Resources to Share

Find Nonprofit Help & Resources to Share

Find University and College Help & Resources to Share

Fundraising Opportunities Available for Nonprofits

Grants & Funding Available

Group Buy–Combine Purchases

Host Company or Host Nonprofit

Internship Opportunities

Lending Library–Items to Borrow & Lend

Mentors Needed & Available

My Commitment to My Community

*****I Promise $$$Donation if I do not X by this date 🙂

*****My Individual Community Commitment Goal this month

*****My Organization’s Community Commitment Goal this quarter

Neighborhood Resource People Willing to Help

Ombudsman–Easy Questions–Ask the Public for Crowdsourcing Help

Ombudsman–Help with Difficult Problems

Organizations Seeking Partners

Organizations Offering Help for a Cause

Projects in a Box

Projects Seeking Organization Partners

Skill Bank of Free Help

Speakers Bureau Presenters–Free Presentations Available

Sponsorships Needed

*****Seeking Sponsorships for Event
*****Sponsor Available for Events

Startup Teams

*****Startup Contact Information
*****Startup Team Member–Available
*****Startup Team Member–Needed

Take Action to Help! What you can do to make a Difference!

What Bugs You? Innovators Want to Help!

What in the World Works? Tips & Programs from other Countries

What Works? (Pre/Inter)vention Programs–Practical Experience

What Works? Advice & Time-Saving Tips– Practical Experience

What Works? Scientifically Validated (Pre/Inter)vention Programs

What Works? Scientifically Validated Research Findings

Want Ad Miscellaneous Items

What in the world works? Time-Saving Advice and Prevention & Intervention Programs from around the Globe. What are they doing in other countries that works? Practical Experience