Guide to Searching for a Citizen Science Project to Assist


Here you will find projects from researchers and scientists. They need your help to solve social or environmental problems. They are reaching out to the community to assist them in their research.

To find out how you can help researchers in their scientific research, go back to this tab and hover your mouse over it. You will find a drop down menu of Citizen Science Projects you may like to browse: Animals, Environment, Health, etc. Just click to select a specific category and all Citizen Science Projects available under that category will appear for you to browse.

You can also add your own Citizen Science Project that you and your organization needs help on. Or, add a link to a website where you have found Citizen Science Project that you want to share with others. If the Citizen Science Project you find helps to solve a Social or Environmental problem you may post information in the classified want ads of this website.

Go to Citizen Science Projects

Click on the link above to search all of “Citizen Science Projects” currently available to view in Classified Want Ads. You may also post your own Citizen Science Project there. You will notice “All Sub-Categories” just above the purple “Change Categories” button. Click on the arrow to choose the type of Citizen Science Project you would like to browse: Animals, Environment, Health, etc.

You may browse, search, edit and place a new classified ad right now! Simply hover over the “Help” tab to see the drop down menu. Please click on “Classified Want Ads” in the drop down menu to get started. Let’s let the power of the grapevine work! It is FREE to post your wants, needs and requests so that people in the community can help. You may also post what you have to share so that organizations can benefit from your help, expertise and donated items.

Coming Soon: There will be tips on what makes an effective classified ad that generates interest. There will be tips to assist in the search. There will also be links to relevant wiki pages as well.
This website is still being built out. Thank you for your patience.