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We are so sorry that you lost your Dog. Your community needs accurate information about your Dog in order to help reunite you! Please also make a report whenever you see a Lost or Found Dog poster. You may be providing a vital clue that will get a Dog safely home.

Community volunteers who love Dogs are willing to help you find your Dog! Your assistance is needed! Follow all of the steps in the Lost Dog Help Checklist and community volunteers will try to help where they can! Let’s work together to get your Dog safely home!

To see a Lost Dog Checklist of What to do–Click Here! On that page, you will find tips & advice as well as links to the Organizations that Help Lost & Found Animals.

To make a Lost Dog Report–See Below! Your community needs accurate information about your Dog that you have lost in order to help reunite your Dog with your family!

Please be sure to check the Found Dog project reports for Scottsdale, Arizona and also the surrounding cities. A Found Dog match may already be there waiting.

To view the Scottsdale Found Dog Project Reports–Click Here! These Found Dogs listings are posted by people who have found someone’s dog or spotted a stray dog in Scottsdale.

To View all Found Dog project listings–Click Here! These are all the cities in Maricopa County, Arizona that currently have Found Dog Projects running.

You may also type “Lost Dog” or “Found Dog” into the “Search this Website” option in the upper right corner of the website and it will pull up all relevant pages.

Please get posters out around your neighborhood right away! Also, walk and drive around your neighborhood asking people if they have seen your dog. It is important to visit the Animal Care & Control Shelters at least every 48 hours to see if your dog has been turned in there.

Getting your Dog home safe and sound will require you to take quick & effective action. Please get started right away! Time is of the essence.

If you have an interest in following the Lost Dogs reported in Scottsdale, please subscribe below to follow all reports posted by people who have lost their dog. You will be immediately notified when new Lost Dog reports are listed in Scottsdale.

If you know of veterinarians, emergency clinics, animal rescue groups, rescue volunteers, Amateur Pet Detectives or other dog lovers who are willing to help, please encourage them to subscribe to the Lost Dog projects and Found Dog projects in whatever city they want to follow.

This is a Dog Amber Alert service. Once you subscribe to follow a Lost Dog or Found Dog page for a specific city, you will be automatically notified via e-mail when new Lost Dog or Found Dog reports come in.

Please help us to spread the word about this FREE Dog Amber Alert service! Let’s work together to get this Dog home! Please subscribe below to follow this project post so that you will receive Dog Amber Alert notifications of other Lost Dogs as soon as they are posted. If you are posting a Lost Dog report, please subscribe to follow the Found Dog Reports for Scottsdale and surrounding cities.

Our Goal is : Maricopa County, Arizona will have zero euthanasia of any dog that has any hope of a meaningful quality of life by the year 2017.

Let’s work together to get your Dog safely home!
Volunteers who love Dogs are here to help you!

To make a Lost Dog Report for the city of Scottsdale, Arizona please post your report in the comments section below. When your report is complete about your Dog that you have lost, simply click on the purple “Post Comment” button to submit your Lost Dog Report.

Important: Please leave out distinguishing markings in the report and on any photos. That way you may use that information to determine if anyone who contacts you really has your dog. Unethical people may try to pose as someone who has found your dog and try to scam money out of you. Please be cautious about who you believe. Make them describe the Dog to you in detail.

To determine the Dog Breed that your Dog looks most like Click Here! A Small Dog is (25 lbs or less) Medium (26-45) Large (46-80) X-Large (Over 80lbs). Short Hair is (Less than 1 inch) Medium (up to 3 inches) Long Hair (over 3 inches).

Please be sure to include the following information in your Lost Dog report. You may want to copy & paste the questions into the blank comments section below and answer the questions that way. You can make the typing square larger by left clicking the lower right hand corner of the box and dragging it to make it bigger.

Date Lost:
Dog Breed(s):
Ears: stand up or flop down?
Tail: short, long, curly?
Hair: short, medium, long?
Sex: Male or Female?
Location Lost from?
Collar, Leash, Tags, Tattoo, Microchip?
Other Information or Comments?
Website Address to View Photo:
How did the dog get lost?

When you find your Lost Dog and get them safely home, please let us know so the community volunteers can celebrate with you! Please also let us know what method(s) worked best to get your dog home. Thanks for continuing to search until your Dog is home safe & sound!


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