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Need Crates, Cages, Kennel Panels, Food Dishes?
March 11, 2017

Please Contact Us Via the Donation Request Link to Request Any of the FREE Items Listed Below Please let animal rescues know about this opportunity. Please share the link to get these donated items widely through your social media channels! 🙂 Now Available: A donation of over 150 animal crates, cages, kennels and many types […]

Our goal is to create a facility where Animal Rescues and Animal Shelters can temporarily house cats and dogs until they are ready for adoption. Animals can stay a maximum of 12 weeks.

This gives rescues & shelters added flexibility. This Animal Overflow & Support Center will give them the ability to save the animals they know they can find homes for despite the fact that they are temporarily short on space. The Animal Overflow & Support Center will fill a great need that is currently very evident to all Animal Rescue organizations. We need your help on this project!

This is a program where we will be Matching Senior Cats and Dogs with Older Adults. Matching senior people with senior animals provides benefits to both the individual and companion animal! Happiness all around! The senior & the senior companion animal are both happy! The animal shelter is thrilled to find a senior animal a loving home!

Big Idea Projects

Would you like to be part of a Marketing Team that Helps Animals? Volunteer your time as a community volunteer helping to craft a marketing strategy that will help all nonprofits helping animals. Help with traditional marketing such as: Press releases, Interviews with the Media, Marketing Events, Promotional Information Booths and other forms of traditional marketing strategies. Help with Social Media Lovers for a Cause is needed as well.

All Dog Projects
BI—Free Lost/Found Dog Alert System Needs Help+Tips!
September 25, 2014
    Specific Questions we would like Feedback on:

1. Who needs to be notified that this system exists? Who should the recipients of the Amber Alert be? Besides Emergency vets, local vets in the specific city and surrounding cities, people who have lost or found a dog, Amateur “Pet Detectives”, pet stores, groomers, local animal rescue groups and Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, who else should be notified that this system exists?

2. Who are the individuals and organizations in Maricopa County, Arizona who are specifically working on the lost & found dog problem? Who should we be coordinating with in order to set up this system efficiently?

3. How do we effectively and efficiently get the word out to the public that the FREE Lost Dog Amber Alert System for Maricopa County, Arizona is there to help? How do we get the word out to local animal lovers that we need them to sign up to get alerts in their city and become community volunteers that are Amateur “Pet Detectives” assisting us in the effort?