SU–Startup Launches FavorMe App–Favors Build Good Karma

Name of this Startup App-----FavorMe Who we will Help and/or What Problem we will solve... People do not like asking for help without having some way to reciprocate. Making a request for a favor is actually much harder than offering to do a favor for someone. Our Service or Product Description FavorMe is a social application that allows co-workers, neighbors and roommates to connect and exchange favors. The favors might include activities … [Read more...]

CE–Early Adopters/Testers of FavorMe App Build Good Karma!

Would you like to be a person who helps a startup launch? Are you on the cutting edge of technology, an early adopter of innovation? Your help is needed! Please help to test and give feedback to the new app called FavorMe. Step #1---Send us a message letting us know what you think about this app. Do you have any ideas on how to improve it?. Contact us via the comments section below and let us know. Step #2---Follow this project--see … [Read more...]

SU-Startups, Nonprofits, Businesses Need Mentors-Please Help

*************************************************************************************************************************** #AZmentors #AZhelpStartups #AZentrepreneurs #AZhelpNonprofits #AZhelpOrganizationsProject Project Project Proposal:We need your help on this project! Help us to find people who have experience with or knowledge about New Startups, Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs or Businesses. We are looking for people … [Read more...]

SU–New Product, New Service, New Company–Help Needed?

*************************************************************************************************************************** #AZhelpStartups #AZentrepreneurs #AZhelpnonprofits #AZhelporganizationsproject Project Proposal:We need your help on this project! Help us to find the organizations in our community that have a New Product, a New Service, a New Company, or a New Nonprofit. Could they use Community Support in pursuing this new venture? … [Read more...]

Help for Startups Application Form

Are you a new Business or Nonprofit organization that is getting ready to launch? Are you an existing Business or Nonprofit that is launching a new product or service that will help to solve a Social or Environmental problem? Do you have a Startup that will be local, national or international? If so, you are in the right place. To get help for your Startup Venture simply fill out this form and let your community help you! Let's get the power of … [Read more...]