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CE–Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer
June 16, 2016

    Project Name

Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer

    Brief Description of this Project. Who will be Helped and/or What Problem will be solved…

Help Support Single Parents with Cancer by Hosting a Bare Necessitites Donation Drive. These are items that food stamps do not cover.

All items can help! A full list of needed items is below. 🙂

    Our Project Step by Step

    Step 1. Our Single Parents battling Cancer Need Your Help!!!!

    Step 2. Singleton Moms will provide the list and box to make the Donation Drive easier on you, we will also pick it up once it is full.

    Step 3. Get your family, friends, co workers, local businesses, and churches on board and start collecting items. (paper towels, toilet paper, liquid hand soap, dish soap, etc.) Please see the full list of needed items below.

    Step 4. Make it a contest and have fun. Whoever collects the most items can toilet paper someone’s office or room.

    Step 5. See the smiles on our parents face when they are able to provide toiletry items for their families.

      Project Description Details

Our Bare Necessities program is one of our most popular programs available for our parents. We all know how quickly the expense of household necessities such as laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. can add up.

The Bare Necessities program provides families with a supply of the most-needed household items that are used in the home daily. This keeps the home running smoothly and helps to reduce the financial burden that is associated with restocking practical household items.

Currently our Bare Necessities items are running extremely low. Our hope is that your community would be willing to do a Bare Necessities Donation Drive and collect these items over the next few weeks or months.

Our Single Parents battling Cancer Need Your Help, Please Help Collect Toiletry Items for them and their families.

Each month, Singleton Moms provides families with the “Bare Necessities” they need to make it through the month. Bare Necessities can be defined as any of the things a family cannot do without. We strive to relieve the stress of taking a trip to Target after a chemotherapy treatments so the kids have toothpaste or toilet paper, as well as the financial burden that all of these necessities incur on a household.

Fragrance Free and Organic Products Are Great!

    Our Top Donated Item Needs:

Paper Towels

Ziploc Bags/ Aluminum Foil

Paper plates/ Plastic ware

Laundry Detergent

Toilet Paper


Hand Soap

Dish Soap

Dishwasher Detergent

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Wipes


Body Wash





Will you please Deliver Donated Items to:

7579 E Main St, Scottsdale, Ste. 700, 85254

Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm and 3rd Saturday of each month 11am-2pm


Please Like our Facebook page to see what we are in need of each week.

    Please descibe the Social Problem that this Project will help to solve. Why is this important?

Singleton Moms is a small, Arizona-based non-profit with a mighty vision. We are dedicated to nurturing single parents battling cancer and their minor children. We do this by meeting the practical day-to-day needs of the entire family, while providing hope for tomorrow.

In 2005, 32-year-old Michelle Singleton was one of them, a single parent to four beautiful children, with cancer. Struggling through various medical treatments and everyday hardships of single parenthood, Michelle Singleton made every effort to provide for her family and stay strong for her children through her ongoing battle with cancer.

Singleton Moms was founded by two friends of Michelle’s and witnessed the lack of resources for single parents facing cancer in Maricopa County, and created a unique charitable organization providing financial assistance, household items, healthy prepared meals, house cleaning services, and more. Singleton Moms allows these courageous single parents to focus on their recovery, and spend more precious time with their children. Our resources are based solely upon community support.

    What You can do to Help on this Project. How our Community can Help Us.

    Our community can help this project by reaching out to schools, churches, businesses, individuals or anyone who wants to support a
    Bare Necessities Donation Drive. Our community can help by realizing that many of our parents are on food stamps and other financial assistance, but these do not provide help with everyday toiletry items.

    Please send this information about the Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer to friends, family and colleagues who may be able to help. The social media buttons on this page make sharing this information via social media easy.

      City or Cities that Benefit from our Project

      Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, El Mirage, Gilbert, Cave Creek, Tempe, Peoria

        County or Counties that Benefit from our Project

        Maricopa County

          Who Benefits? What group of Individuals is most helped by your project?

          Single Parents with Cancer

            Type of Organization

            Nonprofit Tax ID Status (eg. 501 (c) 3)

              Name of Organization Sponsoring the Project

              Singleton Moms

                Contact Information of Sponsor Organization

                Kelli Gower- Outreach Coordinator

                Please Like our Facebook page to see what we are in need of each week.

                Will you please Deliver Donated Items to:

                7579 E Main St, Scottsdale, Ste. 700, 85254

                Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm and 3rd Saturday of each month 11am-2pm


                  $$$$$$$$$$$$ Your Donations Can Help! $$$$$$$$$$$

                Will you help us to make this project a reality? Please Click the Donation Button Below to go to our Donation Page. 100% of your Donations are tax deductible and go directly to fund the project. Thank You for your Help!


              We need your help on this project! Help us to find the most useful tips, advice, information, books, blogs, websites, scientific research, resources and organizations that can help us to successfully complete this “Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer” Project.

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              Please forward this project post to friends, family & colleagues who may be interested in contributing information to this project and helping their community! The social media buttons on this page make sharing this project easy.


                Cash Donations Needed to Make this Project a Success:

              We estimate that we will need to raise $ 142,850 to complete the entire project.

              If we are able to get the needed services and items donated, we may be able to successfully complete this project at a reduced cost.

              Please Help us Raise the Funds needed to complete this “Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer” Project! Join our Crowdfunding Campaign!


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              This Project was proposed by and is sponsored by:

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