Master List of all Dog & Cat Rescue & Adoption Groups in Maricopa County, Arizona


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Thank you for caring enough about your community to get involved by helping with this project! Below are the Dog & Cat Rescue & Adoption Groups that we currently have listed.

Our goal is to create a complete list of all Dog & Cat Rescue & Adoption organizations that are currently active in Maricopa County, Arizona. Will you help us? Please contact us with the name of the Dog or Cat Rescue & Adoption organizations you would like us to add to this list. Who do we need to add? Who are we missing?

The Animal Rescue & Adoption Groups highlighted in purple already have listings in the Directory of Services & Organizations. Please click on the link to their rescue to find out more about their organization. Thanks for all you do to help animals!


2nd Chance Dog Rescue–Queen Creek

4 The Luv of Dogs

4 Paws

Adorable Dog Rescue Small breed rescue–Phoenix

AJ’s Best Friends Rescue

Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona

All About Animals–Phoenix

Almost Home Bulldog Rescue

Almost Home Boxer Rescue

Amazing Aussies

Amazing Dogs Sabrina

Animals Benefit Club

Animal Guardian Network–Cave Creek

Animal Loving Friends

Animal Rescue Friends–ARF–Surprise

Anthem Pets

Arizona Animal Rescue and Sanctuary–AZARS–Mesa

Arizona Animal Welfare League AAWL

Arizona Beagle Rescue

Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue

Arizona Desert Dogs–Fountain Hills Fs.

Arizona Furry Friends

Arizona Happy Tails

Aussies Friends

Arizona Golden Rescue

Arizona Maine Coon Cat Rescue–Scottsdale

Arizona Animal Rescue and Sanctuary–AZARS–Mesa

Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, AAWL

Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

AZ Basset Hound Rescue

AZ Beagle Rescue

AZ Boston Terrier

AZ Border Collie Rescue

AZ Center for Animal Rescue and Education (AZ CARE) to the rescue list. All breed dog & cat rescue located in San Tan Valley, AZ.

AZ Chihuahua Rescue

Az Cocker Rescue

AZ Furry Friends – AzFFR–Phoenix

AZ Golden Rescue

AZ Golden Retriever Connection

AZ Great Pyrenees

Az Happy Tails–Chandler

AZ Humane Society

AZ Labrador & Giant Breed Rescue

AZ Maine Coon Cat Rescue

AZ Paws and Claws–Glendale

AZ Poodle Rescue

AZ Pound Pups–Phoenix

AZ Prussian Snailhound Dog Rescue

AZ Pug Adoption & Rescue

Az Rescue

AZ Saint Bernard Rescue

AZ Schnauzer Rescue

AZ Sheltie Rescue

AZ Siberian Husky Rescue

Small Dog Rescue

AZ Weimaraner Rescue

Benji’s Buddies

Best Friends Animal Society

Big Bully Rescue

Big Hearts Little Paws–Phoenix

Blistered Whiskers

Boxer Luv Rescue

Breeder Release Adoption Service

Cactus Cats

Calico Lady Kitten Rescue

Canine Rescue Coalition/AZ Mastiff Rescue

Care 4 Animals

Caring for Canines

Central AZ Animal Rescue

Circle Ranch Rescue

Cool Cats

Companion Animal Rescue & Educational Services–C.A.R.E.S.

Crazy Pit-Bull Lady Rescue

Dane Haven Rescue

Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue of AZ

Desert Labador Retriever Rescue

Desert Paws Rescue

Dog Love Rescue

Dreamchaser PMU Rescue & Rehabilitation

English Springer Spaniel

Faith’s Animal Rescue–Peoria

Fearless Kitty Rescue

Fedwell Farm Rescue

Feral Friends

Fetch Foundation

Finding Fido–Phoenix

Foothills Animal Rescue – FAR–Scottsdale

Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

Foundation for Homeless Cats

Four Dog Knight

Four Peaks–Scottsdale–Medical Issues Accepted (no Pit Bulls, Akitas or Rottweilers)

Fraidy Cats Rescue

Freedom Tails Rescue

Friends for Life Animal Rescue

Furever Friends Rescue

Furry Angels Rescue and Safe Haven–Surprise

Golden Bone Rescue and Rehab

Great Dane Rescue Inc

Greyhound Pets of Arizona

Greyhounds of the Verde Valley

Halfway Home Animal Rescue

HALO (Helping Animals Live On)

Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue

Haven Animal Rescue–Glendale

Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge

Help A Dog Smile

Helping Orphaned Hounds–HOH–Maricopa

Home Fur Good–Phoenix

Hope Emergency Animal Rescue

Hope for Cats

Humane Society of the White Mountains

Kit Kat Rescue – Dogs

Kit Kat Rescue -Cats

Kits Kitten Rescue

Little Rascals Rescue

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation–Click to View their Completed Directory Listing

Lost Paws Rescue

Lucky Dog–Scottsdale

Lucky Paws–Scottsdale

Luv of Dogz Fund

Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MASH UNIT)

Mavyn Org Animal Rescue FB Mavyn Org Animal Rescue Website–Phoenix

Medical Animals in Need–MAIN

Mid-AZ Shetland Sheepdog Rescue

Mingus Manor Sanctuary–Phoenix

Mini Mighty Mutts

Mixed Up Mutts and Shepherds Too–Phoenix

National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network–NBRAN

New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue

Nine Lives Foundation

North Phoenix Strays

NURDS and Birds Rescue (dogs also)

Ohana Animal Rescue–Tempe

Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary

Pathways Home Animal Rescue–Fluffies, Furries & Scruffies

Paw Placement–Scottsdale & Flagstaff

Pei People Shar Pei Rescue

Pet Allies

Phoenix Paws and Claws

Pinal County Animal Care & Control

Potato Chips Pomeranian Rescue

Pound Animals Worth Saving – P.A.W.S. Fur the Cause–Phoenix

Project Paws Rescue Network–Scottsdale Small breed dogs

Pug Rescue is this the same as Arizona Pug Rescue?

Racing Home Greyhound Adoption

Red Mountain Senior Dog Rescue


Rescue a Golden of Arizona

Rescue Angels

Rescuing Animals in Need–R.A.I.N.–Click to View their Completed Directory Listing

Rescue League (Litter League)

Reservation Rewards Animal Rescue

Robin Hood Animal Rescue

Rockstar Rescue–Phoenix

Roxy’s Rescues

Ruby Ranch Pet Rescue and Sanctuary–Phoenix–Animals with
Medical Needs Accepted

Ruff Road Rescue

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary –Click to View their Completed Directory Listing

Safe Haven for Animals–Scottsdale

S.A.F.E. Inc.–Apache Junction (Is this the same as below?)

S.A.F.E. Rescuers–Gilbert

Saving One Life

Saving Sweet Angels

Sheriff Joe’s Dogs

Small Dog Rescue

Soul Survivors Animal Rescue–Cave Creek

Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue

Southwest Collie Rescue

Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Center Corp. –Click to View their Completed Directory Listing

Starting Over Animal Rescue SOAR

Sun Cities 4 Paw Rescue

Sun Valley Animal Rescue

Sun Valley Dog Rescue–Pit Bulls

The Barkside Rescue

The Lost Paws–Phoenix

The Litter League

Uncle Jacks’ Cats & Dogs

Underdog Rescue of AZ–Phoenix

Valley Dogs Rescue–Phoenix

Valley of the Sun Dog Rescue–Click to View their Completed Directory Listing

Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Woofs, Wiggles n Wags ALL dog breeds–Pending

Where Wolves Rescue–Surprise – specializing in Wolf Hybrids

    Project Proposal:

We still need to confirm which of these purebred rescues are doing rescue & adoption in Maricopa County, AZ. Do you know? Please help us to figure out which ones should be added to the alphabetical list above. Thanks for your Help!

Here is one list of breed rescues that was sent in. It needs to be combined with the breed rescue list below. Please check both lists to see if we are missing any breed specific rescues.


Airedale Terrier
Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue–Glendale
South West Airedale Terrier (Phoenix/Tucson)
Sidney: 520-881-5442 /
Rose: 623-362-1141 /

Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona – AARTA (Glendale)
Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona–AARTA
602-88-AKITA (602-882-5482)

Anatolian Shepherd
Lori Kay: 623-849-6414 /

Australian Shepherd
Aussie And Friends Rescue (Payson)
Jane: 602-930-9384 /

Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue (Phoenix)

Aussie Rescue in AZ

Flo: 480-659-1405 /

Basset Hound
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue, Inc
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue – AZBHR (Phoenix)
602-225-7800 /

Beagles of AZ Rescue Club
Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club – BARC (Phoenix)
Arizona Beagle Rescue – AZBR (Phoenix)
Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue – SoAZBR (Tucson)

Bearded Collie
Pat: 602-295-1049 /

Belgian Malinois
ABMC Belgian Malinois Rescue Contacts (Phoenix/Tucson)

North American Belgian Sheep Dog Rescue (Tucson/National)

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue – AZBHR (Phoenix)
Az Basset Hound Rescue, Inc
602-225-7800 /

Border Collie
Arizona Border Collie Rescue
Arizona Border Collie Rescue – AZBCR (Tempe)
Gail: 602-316-8222

Kelly: 520-906-0669

Border Terrier
Phyllis: 602-320-2437 /

Toni: 623-846-6822 /

Boston Terrier
AZ Boston Terrier Rescue
Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue – AZBTR (Mesa)
Rebecca: 602-750-5411 /
Vicki: 480-226-3279

Southern Arizona Boxer Rescue (Tucson)
Barbara: 520-326-2170 /
Lynnae: 520-529-3615 /

Almost Home AZ Rescue – Boxer Division (Phoenix)

Boxer Luv Rescue–BLR (Phoenix)

Bulldog (English and French)
Almost Home Bulldog Rescue, Inc
Amy: 480-227-1276 /
Love-A-Bull (Gilbert)
Almost Home AZ Rescue – Bulldog Division (Phoenix)
Saguaro State Bull (state wide rescue)

Cairn Terrier
SouthWest Cairn Rescue (California-but lists AZ as rescue area also)
Black & White Rescue
Kathie Ward: 602-971-5011 /
Marilyn: 623-979-6831

Cattle Dog
New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue
New Hope Cattle Dogs (Phoenix)
Fedwell Farm (Scottsdale)
Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue (Scottsdale)

Jan: 623-561-1401 /
AZ Chihuahua Rescue (Mesa)
Save A Chihuahua Rescue and Chihuahua – Tucson (Tucson)

Cocker Spaniel

Angels2U Cocker Rescue
Judy: 602-432-3114 /

AZ Cocker Spaniel Rescue
AZ Cocker Rescue (Scottsdale)

SouthWest Collie Rescue – SWCR (Phoenix, Tucson)
Southwest Collie Rescue
Bill: 480-507-7996 /
Cindy: 602-843-8073 /

AZ Cactus Corgi Rescue (Glendale)

Happy Tails Dachshund Rescue (Mesa/Tucson) Contact:
Dachshunds Only (Phoenix)
Sahuaro Dachshund Rescue (Tucson)

Dachshunds Only Rescue
Linda: 602-550-4088

Dachsund Rescue

Lucky Dog (Scottsdale)
SW Dalmation Rescue

Doberman Rescue
Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue (Phoenix)

English Setter
Arizona Setter Rescue
Patrick 480-948-1503 /

English Springer
English Springer
English Springer Rescue America – Arizona Region: (Mesa)

German Shepherd
Saving Paws (Glendale)
4 the Love of German Shepherds (Cave Creek)
SouthWest German Shepherd Rescue (Phoenix)
White German Shepherd (Phoenix)
Southwest German Shepherd Rescue
Steff: 602-866-2880 /

German Shepherd (White)
Nancy: 602-863-1519 /

German Shorthair Pointer
German Shorthair Pointer Rescue
GSP Rescue Southwest (AZ, UT, MN, CO)

Golden Retriever
Arizona Golden Rescue (Glendale)
Rescue A Golden of AZ – RAGofAZ (Phoenix/Tucson)
Arizona Golden Retriever Connection (Phoenix)
Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue – SAGRR (Oro Valley)
Rescue A Golden of Arizona
Website: / 602-404-9663
AZ Retriever Rescue

Gordon Setter
Patrick /

Great Dane GreatDaneRescueof
Great Dane Rescue of Arizona Alliance (Phoenix)
Great Dane Club of Tucson (Tucson)
Great Dane Rescue Inc. ( 4 different contacts)
(Great Dane) Arizona Animal Assistance
Shana Kerr––480-229-2922
3D Rescue of Arizona–New River, AZ–Melissa Allen––623-465-7995

Danes Estates & Rescue–Phoenix, AZ–Linda Erickson––602- 670-4650

Great Dane Club of Tucson–Gerry Morris–520- 358-8596

Dane Saver Rescue

P.O. Box 86745
Phoenix, AZ 85080
Phone: 623-869-0409 Msg Line

Great Pyrenees
Arizona Great Pyrenees Association
Linda: 480-988-4033 /
Valerie Austin: 602-373-2728 /
Arizona Great Pyrenees Association and Rescue Network (Gilbert)

Arizona Greyhound Rescue (Tucson)
Italian Greyhound Club – Rescue Arizona (Phoenix)
Arizona Adopt a Greyhound

Jan: 623-561-1401 /

Irish Wolfhound
Desert Irish Wolfhound Association & Rescue
Karen: 480-807-8573

Irish Setter
Patrick: 480-948-1503 /

Italian Greyhound
IGCA Rescue, Arizona
Lacy: 602-231-1151 /
Dawn: 602-494-4688 /

Jack Russell Terrier
Arizona Jack Russell Rescue, Inc. (Phoenix)
Jack Russell Rescue of Scottsdale (Scottsdale)
Jack Russell Rescue of Scottsdale
Sue: 480-391-9837 /
AZ Jack Russell Rescue

Labrador Retreiver
Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue – DLRR (Phoenix/Tucson)
Arizona Labrador and Giant Breed Rescue (Phoenix)
Labrador Friends of Arizona (Phoenix)
AZ Lab and Giant Breed Rescue

Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Rescue (Arizona Chapter)

Jan: 623-561-1401 /

Canine Rescue Coalition (AZ Mastiff Rescue) (Glendale)
Desert Big Dog Rescue

Miniature Pinscher
MinPin Rescue Contacts (IMPS)
MinPin Haven (Phoenix)
AZ Miniature Pinscher Society

Old English Sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog Southwest Rescue
Pat: 602-295-1049 /

Pit Bull
Mayday Pitbull Rescue (Phoenix)
Ruff Road Rescue (Phoenix)
Smiling Dog Rescue (Tucson)
Adopt-A-Bull (Tucson)
Standing Proud Pit Bull Rescue Center Corp. –Click to View their Completed Directory Listing

Crazy Pit-Bull Lady Rescue–602-663-7144–—

Arizona Bird Dog Rescue (Tucson/Phoenix)

Potato Chip Pomeranian Rescue (Phoenix)

Arizona Poodle Rescue (Phoenix)

Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network – APARN (Phoenix Area)
Hug A Pug (Tucson)

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc
Alyssa: 623-544-9301 /

Rotten Rottie Rescue Contact Shelly Froehlich at (480) 567-4328.
Phoenix Area Rotti Rescue (Rottweiler)

Saint Bernard
Arizona Saint Bernard Rescue (Glendale)
Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation Inc. (Glendale)
AZ Saint Bernard Rescue

Arizona Samoyed Rescue
Pam: 480-838-8163 /
Pam: 480-834-5958 /

Arizona Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. (Chandler)
Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue (Mesa)

Scottish Terrier
Black & White Rescue
Kathie: 602-971-5011 /
Marilyn: 623-979-6831

Shar Pei
Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona CABRA
Pei People Shar Pei Rescue

Shetland Sheepdog
Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc.
Bill: 480-507-7996 /
Cindy: 602-843-8073 /
Mid-Arizona Sheltie Rescue (Phoenix)
Arizona Sheltie Rescue, Inc. (statewide services)

Shiba Inu
AZ Shiba Inu Association
Carol: 623-934-8858 /
Wendy: 623-849-5281 /

Shih Tzu
Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Rescue (Arizona Chapter)
Jan: 623-561-1401 /

Siberian Husky
AZ Siberian Husky Rescue
Siberian Husky/Malamute:
Arizona Siberian Husky Rescue and Adoption, Inc. – ASHRA (Phoenix)
Alaskan Malamute Rescue (Tucson/Phoenix)

Small Dog
Jan: 623-561-1401 /

Tibetan Spaniels
Phyllis: 480-986-5897 /

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue
Rebecca: 623-931-1428

Arizona Weimaraner Rescue (Glendale)
Tickled Pink Weinmaraner Rescue (New Mexico with pull rights at MCACC)

West Highland White Terrier
Black & White Rescue
Kathie: 602-971-5011 /
Marilyn: 623-979-6831

Barbara: 520-326-2170 /
Whippet Rescue

Tundra Shepherd Rescue
602-971-6492 or 602-226-5641

Other Animal Related Organizations Providing Services in Arizona

Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry

Tucson Area Animal Rescues:
Animal Rescue Foundation–ARF (Tucson)
Arizona Save a Pet/All Small Dog Breed Rescue (Tucson)
Baby Animal Rescue Koalition–BARK (Tucson)
Foundation for Animals In Risk–FAIR (Tucson)
HOPE Animal Shelter–(Tucson)
In the Arms of Angels (Tucson)
Outkast Dog Rescue (Pima County)
Save The Pets AZ (Tucson)
Saving Animals From Euthanasia–SAFE (Tucson)
Tucson Cold Wet Noses–TCWN (Tucson)

Tucson Area Cat Rescues:
Pawsitively Cats–Tucson
Hermitage Cat Shelter–Tucson

Other Rescues in Other Cities:

Central Arizona Animal Rescue–CAAR–Globe
Healing Hearts–Wilcox
Raven Pines Dog Rescue–Cordes Lakes
Miscellaneous Animal Related Resources

TNR Group (Only help with courtesy postings):
Animal Loving Friends – ALF see rescue list

Voice For the Animals Foundation
Fido Friendly Apartments
Apartment Guide
Apartment World
People With Pets
For Rent

The Good Dog Food Bank shared a link.
August 23
Due to illness and circumstances beyond our control, there will be no one available to operate/dispense pet food for at least a week, and possibly until the first of September. If you are in need of immediate pet food assistance please contact Chuck Waggin’, Empty Bowl Food Pantry, Lost Our Home, or United Food Bank partners to see if they are able to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.