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Please fill out a report about your Lost Dog at Helping Lost Pets—Click Here!

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——–>If someone has Lost or Found a Dog, Cat or any other animal, the first step is to fill out a Lost or Found report at Helping Lost Pets

Lost & Found Animal Report Form

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Also, these local organizations can help once the initial Lost & Found posting has been made at Helping Lost Pets
Resources for Dogs:

Lost Dogs Arizona

Found Dog Action Plan
Lost Dog Action Plan

Resources for Cats:

Lost Cats of Arizona

Here are other Resources that Can Help Lost & Found Animals

More Resources for Dogs & Cats http

Here is the list of all of the web pages that help Found Dogs. Please Scroll down to “Found Dog” on the sidebar of this page. Look under the Found Dog heading to find your desired link and then click on that link.

How to Help a Found Dog. Below is a checklist that will help you to find ways of helping the Dog You Found. These are crowd-sourced suggestions that others have found to be a helpful pathway to success. If you need more specific help or assistance, please ask an animal rescue volunteer at one of your local rescues. Thanks for being a “Good Samaritan” and helping this Dog!

Let’s work together to help get this Dog safely home!
Volunteers who love Dogs are here to help you!

What to do if you have Found a Dog

If you have found a dog, please treat that animal the same way that you would want someone to take care of your beloved dog. Make every effort to find the dog’s family before you even consider taking an animal to Animal Care and Control Services (AKA the County Shelter, Rabies Animal Control, Dog Pound) or the Humane Society. Important:: Animals taken there may be exposed to diseases they may not be vaccinated against, many dogs experience personality changes due to the stress and many others are euthanized when their families do not come to claim them. Clare Rhoads, Animal Rescue Volunteer 1996

Dogs have a much better chance of finding their owners through your active help! Most dogs belong to someone living in the nearby neighborhood so it is best to keep them close to where they might have been lost and look for its family. Below is a checklist of what you can do to help. Clare Rhoads, Animal Rescue Volunteer 1996


____Put signs up at the major access roads to the neighborhood you found the dog in. (Be careful to follow city sign ordinances. Some cities will not allow you to place signs on city property (Eg: stop signs). Clare Rhoads, Animal Rescue Volunteer 1996

____Ask your neighbors if they have seen the dog before. Tell everyone your number is posted on your signs and encourage them to call with any information. Clare Rhoads, Animal Rescue Volunteer 1996

____Walk and drive through your neighborhood asking people if they have seen or recognize the dog. Clare Rhoads, Animal Rescue Volunteer 1996

To View the Organizations that help with Lost & Found Animals–Click Here!

More tips are coming soon! If you would like to contribute tips for how to help a dog that someone has found to locate its home, please post your comment at What do I do if I have Found a Dog? Need Help–Share Best Tips–Click Here!