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We are working on creating a list of all of the web pages that help dogs. Please send us a note via the “Share Information & Resources” comment section below, to ask community volunteers any question regarding problem Dog Behavior. Our Dog Behavior “Help Desk” will assist you in finding the help & resources that you need to deal with any type of Dog Behavior problems.

If you have a question about a purebred dog, most breed specific rescues are more than happy to help you with any questions you have about that breed. They are also good to consult with to determine the needs of any specific dog breed before you adopt a dog. Here is a link to the local association which includes several types of purebred dog breeds:

View List of Purebred Dog Rescues—Ask about Breed Specific Behaviors

View List of Local Purebred Rescues in the Directory of Organizations

Most Animal Rescues will give basic dog behavior help over the phone. Many also provide tip sheets on their website or at adoption events.

FREE Dog Behavior Help & Information—View List of All Local Animal Rescues in the Directory of Organizations who have offered

View List of All Local Animal Rescues in the Directory of Organizations

To find an animal rescue group near you, please type in your zip code at any of these animal adoption websites:


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