We help people do good

Our goal is to create a facility where Animal Rescues and Animal Shelters can temporarily house cats and dogs until they are ready for adoption. Animals can stay a maximum of 12 weeks.

This gives rescues & shelters added flexibility. This Animal Overflow & Support Center will give them the ability to save the animals they know they can find homes for despite the fact that they are temporarily short on space. The Animal Overflow & Support Center will fill a great need that is currently very evident to all Animal Rescue organizations. We need your help on this project!

We estimate that this service will cost $100/week for 2 phone lines: 1 phone line for the Lost & Found Animal Asistance and 1 phone line to for the General Animal Rescue and Resources.

We estimate that we will only need to raise $5,200 to keep this project funded for an entire year. That is a real bargain! Just think of the animal lives that could be saved and the positive impact on our local community!