Here are some tips to filling out the actual Free Listing for the Directory of Services & Organizations.

*****Fill in only the questions that you wish. Please note, however, that answering more questions means you will get more help. Please also know that the more specific you are in answering the questions the more likely it is that you will get exactly the help you need.

*****You may want to check out the Advanced Search Option to see how people can search keywords to find your group or organization. If you put, “see our website for more information” your information will not come up when they use keywords to search.

*****What do you want your group or organization to be known for? What types of services do you offer. You may click on as many categories as you wish by holding down the control key (tilde in Apple computers) and left clicking the listings you wish to be listed under.

*****Please know that there is another question that appears once you click on “Continue” that allows you to add new categories that you would like to be listed under. We are happy to add new categories that describe what you do and the services you offer. Think of all the headings or categories that people would want to search for in order to find your organization.

More tips are coming soon as you, our community, send in more good tips. Thanks for helping to build a strong, connected community. Good Luck!

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