CE–Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer

Project Name Bare Necessities Donation Drives for Single Parents with Cancer Brief Description of this Project. Who will be Helped and/or What Problem will be solved... Help Support Single Parents with Cancer by Hosting a Bare Necessitites Donation Drive. These are items that food stamps do not cover. All items can help! A full list of needed items is below. :-) Our Project Step by Step Step 1. Our Single Parents battling Cancer … [Read more...]

HH–Find out How to Help CommunityCause.org Help Nonprofits

Listed below are the ways to help that you can do from home! These are the ways to help that are always needed. They are our ongoing needs for help. To see a list of short term, urgent, or more in depth volunteer opportunities that are available see Help Needed--Click Here! Right now we have a great need for community volunteers who help out on their own from their own computers. There are several different ways that you can help us by: … [Read more...]

HH–Raise $$$ to Help Train a Service Dog for a Veteran

#AZVeterans #AZHelpFamilies #AZhelpPeopleProject Project Proposal: A local nonprofit group named "Soldier's Best Friend" is hard at work training therapy dogs to help wounded veterans. There is much more demand for these helpful canine companions than this organization can keep up with. Not only do they help Veterans, they try to work with local animal shelters to place rescue dogs into new homes. They are "Touching Two Lives at Once". … [Read more...]

Helping Hand Project Home Page

Are you an individual, group, or team that knows about an individual, a family, or a group of people or animals that need assistance in getting their Basic Needs met? Is there something that the community could do that would make a difference in their life? Are there specific resources, services or materials that would be especially helpful but are currently out of reach? Do you have a Helping Hand project that you would like to request the … [Read more...]