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Listed below are the ways to help that you can do from home! These are the ways to help that are always needed. They are our ongoing needs for help. To see a list of short term, urgent, or more in depth volunteer opportunities that are available see Help Needed–Click Here! Right now we have […]

Animals--Helping Hand

*************************************************************************************************************************** #AZhelpDogs #AZhelpCats #AZdogrescue #AZcatrescue #AZAnimalRescue #AZhelpAnimalsProject Project Proposal: Many people have still not recovered from the downturn in the economy and their beloved animal companions often suffer. Their animal friends have medical needs that their families are not financially able to cover. People often reach out to nonprofits for help…but they have also suffered […]

Animals--Helping Hand
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April 8, 2014

Are you an individual, group, or team that knows about an individual, a family, or a group of people or animals that need assistance in getting their Basic Needs met? Is there something that the community could do that would make a difference in their life? Are there specific resources, services or materials that would […]