CP–Permaculture Paradise in Northern Arizona–Help Project!

Permaculture Paradise in Northern Arizona Project Proposal: Our goal is to save animals and provide free, organic produce to those in need: one tree, one acre at a time. Our desire is to create a self-sufficient animal sanctuary and farm based on permaculture principles. Here is how the Permaculture Paradise in Northern Arizona Project would proceed: Survey land and begin re-introducing native vegetation to start rebuilding the … [Read more...]

P2P–What Does it mean to be “Earth-Friendly” Any Thoughts?

What does it mean to be "Earth-Friendly"? What if everyone lived a lifestyle in which they sought to contribute more to society and the planet than they consume in terms of resources? What if there were a report card on how "Earth-Friendly" we are? What would our grade be if we included all inputs and all outputs derived from the way we live our lives? What if we concentrated on contributing more to society and to the planet than we … [Read more...]

CR–Crowdsourcing-Resource Book for Veterans & their families

*************************************************************************************************************************** #AZVeterans #AZHelpFamilies #AZHelpChildren #AZHelpParents AZ#HelpTeens #AZhelpPeopleProject Project Proposal:We need your help on this project! Help us to Create an Resource Book for Veterans, Active Military & their families, through Crowdsourcing, that covers all of the major Veteran, Active Military & Military … [Read more...]

Goal–Quick & Easy Access to Mental+Physical Health Resources

#AZHelpHealth #AZHelpFamilies #AZHelpChildren #AZHelpParents #AZHelpSchools #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpNonprofits #AZhelpOrganizationsProject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* *****Our Goal is: Assist Individuals, Families, Professionals & Caregivers who have a client or a loved one with a Mental or Physical Health question or … [Read more...]

CP–Basic Needs Resource Book–Crowdsourced with your Info

*************************************************************************************************************************** #AZHelpFamilies #AZHelpFamilies #AZHelpParents #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpnonprofits #AZhelpOrganizationsProject Project Proposal:We need your help on this project! Help us to Create a Basic Needs Resource Book, through Crowdsourcing, that covers all of the major Basic Needs related questions or issues along with the … [Read more...]

Goal–Help Veterans Find Organizations, Resources, Information

#AZveterans #AZhelppeopleproject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* *****Our Goal is to Create a Master List of all the organizations based in Arizona that are currently helping with Veteran & Active Military related issues. *****Our Goal is to Add all organizations to the Directory of Organizations on the CommunityCause.org website … [Read more...]

Community Project Home Page

Community Projects & International Community Projects Thank you for your interest in making a positive difference in the world through Community Projects! What would you like to do? If you would you like to view currently running projects in order to find a project to support: View all Arizona based Community Projects--Click Here! (Home State of CommunityCause.org) View all United States based Community Projects--Click Here! View … [Read more...]