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Goals to Help Seniors

#AZhelpSeniors #AZhelpHealth #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpNonprofits #AZHelpOrganizationsProject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Our Goal is to: Create a Master List of all the organizations based in Arizona that are currently helping with Senior related issues. Our Goal is to:Add all organizations to the Directory of Organizations on the CommunityCause.org website along with the services they provide and their service area. Our […]

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Our Goal is to Assist Seniors, Families, Caregivers and Professionals in finding Quick and Easy Access to Help & Resources that address Common Issues relevant to Seniors.

Featured Veteran Projects

#AZVeterans #AZHelpFamilies #AZhelpHealth #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpNonprofits #AZHelpOrganizationsProject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* *****Our Goal is to: Help Active Military & Veterans as they transition back to life at home by creating a rational system of services & resources that are easy to find and easy to access. Locate all organizations assisting Veterans in order to connect and coordinate the services […]

Goals to Help Seniors

#AZhelpSeniors #AZhelpHealth #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpNonprofits #AZHelpOrganizationsProject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* *****Our Goal is to: Identify activities & organizations in our community that will give Seniors an opportunity to contribute their time and their talents in a way that makes a positive difference in their community. Provide Seniors with opportunities to receive support, learn new skills, improve mental/physical health, develop […]

Arizona--Crowdsourcing Requests

#AZhelpSeniors #AZhelpHealth #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpNonprofits #AZHelpOrganizationsProject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* *****Our Goal is to: Assist organizations serving Seniors in fulfilling their mission by gathering the most useful tips, advice, books, blogs, websites, videos, newsletters, scientific research, resources and organizations that can help them deal with the common issues that organizations serving Seniors often face & make this information quick […]

Arizona--Community Engagement

#AZHelpHealth #AZHelpFamilies #AZHelpChildren #AZHelpParents #AZHelpSchools #AZHelpPeopleProject #AZhelpNonprofits #AZhelpOrganizationsProject ******************************************************************************************************************************************* *****Our Goal is: Assist Individuals, Families, Professionals & Caregivers who have a client or a loved one with a Mental or Physical Health question or concern in finding Quick and Easy Access to Help & Resources. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Members of the public are welcome to propose Goals […]