CP–Permaculture Paradise in Northern Arizona–Help Project!

Permaculture Paradise in Northern Arizona Project Proposal: Our goal is to save animals and provide free, organic produce to those in need: one tree, one acre at a time. Our desire is to create a self-sufficient animal sanctuary and farm based on permaculture principles. Here is how the Permaculture Paradise in Northern Arizona Project would proceed: Survey land and begin re-introducing native vegetation to start rebuilding the … [Read more...]

American Dream Application

To view all currently running American Dream Projects--Click Here! American Dream Projects need your help with materials, expertise, time, skills, money or other donations in order to become a reality. Do you have an American Dream project that you would like to request the community's help in Supporting? Would you like to have the help of others in Supporting an Individual, Family or Group in your Community who has an Opportunity to … [Read more...]