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Donation Service Project

Give Help! Donated Items Available I Have Items I Would Like to Donate Get Help! Donated Items Needed---Our Organization Would Like to Receive Donated Items Get Help! I am an…

CP–Animal Rescues Working Together Projects—E.V.C.O.R. Projects

Welcome! You are Invited to Join any of our Animal Rescues Working Together Projects! There are a variety of projects currently running that help animals. We need many different skills…

CE–Event Helper Project–Help for Philanthropic Events

Thanks for caring & sharing your time & your talents to help your community!If you would like to follow the progress of this project, please subscribe to follow this project…

CP-Help Animals–Senior To Senior Program “Retiring Together”
You Can Help Animals Like Me!

CP-Help Animals–Senior To Senior Program “Retiring Together”

This is a program where we will be Matching Senior Cats and Dogs with Older Adults. Matching senior people with senior animals provides benefits to both the individual and companion animal! Happiness all around! The senior & the senior companion animal are both happy! The animal shelter is thrilled to find a senior animal a loving home!

Goal–Senior Issues-Quick & Easy Access-Help+Resources

******************************************************************************************************************************************* Our Goal is to Assist Seniors, Families, Caregivers and Professionals in finding Quick and Easy Access to Help & Resources that address Common Issues relevant to Seniors. *******************************************************************************************************************************************

HH–Find out How to Help CommunityCause.org Help Nonprofits

Listed below are the ways to help that you can do from home! These are the ways to help that are always needed. They are our ongoing needs for help.…

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